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CIE 272
Homework #1

Assigned: 29 August 2011
Due: 2 September 2011


You are expected to do this assignment without help from anyone! You may use books, the web, and other resources. An appendix was attached to the print copy of this assignment that has helpful definitions.

  1. Compute the area in acres of a rectangular field measuring 438.61 ft by 687.89 ft. (There are 43,560 ft2 in one acre).

  2. Convert the following angles into decimal form. Express your answers with five decimal places:

    1. 89o 15' 32"
    2. 37o 48' 03"
    3. 123o 06' 47"

  3. Convert the following angles into DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds. Express your answers to the nearest second:

    1. 43.84762o
    2. 218.25800o
    3. 96.89890o

  4. A line passes through (0, -4.6) and (18, 4). Compute the slope and intercept, and write the formula for the line.

  5. For the line in problem 4, compute the x-coordinate at which the line crosses the x-axis.

  6. Find the (x,y) coordinates for the intersection of a line that passes through (-16, -12) and (14, 2), and a line that passes through (-8, 4) and (12, -6).

  7. The perpendicular sides of a right triangle are 75.44 ft and 119.06 ft. Compute the length of the hypotenuse and the interior angles.

  8. A radio tower is supported by a cable that makes a 57o angle with the ground. The cable is connected to the top of the tower and is 156 ft long. Determine the height of the tower, assuming that the cable is perfectly straight.

  9. A survey crew is trying to determine the position of a rock outcrop in the middle of a river. Use their measurements, in the sketch below, to determine the distances PX and PY.

  10. A survey crew has measured the lengths of the three sides of a triangular property: AB=183.56 ft, BC=318.97 ft, and CA=297.88 ft. Find the three interior angles (at corners A, B and C) to the nearest minute.

  11. Find the area of the property in problem 10.

  12. A baseball field has the dimensions shown in the figure below. The outfield fence is a circle, centered on second base.

    1. Find the distance from home plate (H) to the centerfield wall (CF).
    2. Compute the area of the field, to the nearest square foot.

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