Lecture #14 - Mobil Clients for Web API

Web Resources Role-base Authorization in Asp.Net Core - MSDN, Getting Started with Identity and Role - MSDN
Custom user roles and authorization
Dynamic Role-Based Authorization - CodeProject Authorization with roles


Final Exam Schedule This lecture focuses on building mobile clients for Web APIs using Adroid Studio and Xamarin.
  1. Syllabus describes topics to be covered, reading material for you to digest before coming to class, and due dates for the assigned projects.
  2. Projects: Final Project #1, Final Project #2, Final Project #3
    You will do one of these - the choice of which is yours to make - and present on the last day of classes.
    Additional Requirements
    You are expressly requested to refrain from using site editors like Wix, web.com, or other web designers. You may use any of the facilities of Visual Studio or any other text editor of your choice. This same rule applies to your lab submissions as well. For your Final Project demos you will be required to use only page links for navigation. You may host and demonstrate your labs in the built-in Visual Studio web server.
    All projects must use:
    • Asp.net core MVC - main site
    • Asp.net Web API - web service
    • Web API Client
    • SQL db storage
    • At least one static page that uses new features of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript6.
  3. Web API Mobile Client using Android Studio and Java

    Code discussion presented by Naga Krishna Chalamalasetti: Android Demo Screenshots, pptx
    Android Client Demo Code
  4. Web API Mobile client using Xamarin

    Presentation by Mike Corley: Xamarin Clients Presentation, pptx
  5. Publishing ePub Documents to Asp.Net Core Mvc Views

    Solutions to some not so obvious problems, developed by Vaibhav Kumar and Yilin Cui: Asp.Net Core demo code
  6. Lab #14 - Work on Final Project.
The material provided below was developed for IP before this semester. It focuses on Asp.Net Mvc 4. Some of the material is still relevant for you, so I left it here.
  1. Website Security - background information Most of the material in this item was developed by Dusan Palider, a previous instructor. The demos use Asp.Net MVC 4, not Asp.Net Core. Web application Security
    SQL Injection - code folder
    FileNavigator Attack - code folder
    Wizard Asp Net - code folder
    Mvc-WebApi-FileService - code folder
  2. State Management State Management Presentation, pptx Asp.Net state management - MSDN MvcState - demo shopping cart, Code folder HTML5 Local Storage (Web Storage)
  3. Ajax Reference Links: jQuery site, 5 ways to make Ajax calls, Render Partial View, Microsoft's Ajax infrastructure, W3Schools, AjaxPatterns, JSon - Wikipedia, Wikipedia, MSDN, Ajax with Asp.Net, Ajax gets html, jQuery templating, jQuery live-ready plugin, , Rick Strahl tutorial, Ajaxtutorial, Consuming WCF Rest services with Ajax
  4. Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX): Chalk talk on Ajax, Ajax Serving Model Note: you need to use this path to link to jQuery libraries when you deploy to IIS
    <script src='<%= Url.Content("~/Scripts/jquery-1.4.1.js") %>' type="text/javascript"></script> Asp.Net Mvc action methods using jQuery Ajax-Introduction code folder
  5. Dynamic - Duck Typing Dynamic Type