Lecture #12 - Web Services with Asp.Net Web API


Web Resources
Create a web API with Asp.Net Core MVC Tutorial - MSDN, Install Postman
Core Web API Tutorial - MSDN
Build Web APIs with Asp.Net Core - MSDN
Asp.Net Core Web API with mySql, ...
InMemory database HTTP 405 Response Secure Asp.Net Core Web Api using Cookies
Secure a Web API in Asp.Net Core using JWTs
RESTful APIs with Asp.Net Core
Configuring Asp.Net Core Apps Upload and Download file using Asp.Net Core
Upload and Download file using Asp.Net Core
File Uploads in Asp.Net Core - MSDN
Asp.Net Core Web API Performance - Upload and Download
How to upload file with Asp.Net Core Web API - stackoverflow IIS Express FAQ Asp.Net Web API - asp.net, .Net API Browser - MSDN
Asp.Net MVC - Web API - tutorialspoint.com, Getting Started with Asp.Net Web API
Build a CRUD App with Web API and Angular


Final Exam Schedule This lecture focuses on building Web Services with Asp.Net Core Web API. Web services provide a web-based API to serve data and operations to other applications.
  1. Syllabus describes topics to be covered, reading material for you to digest before coming to class, and due dates for the assigned projects.
  2. Projects: Final Project #1, Final Project #2, Final Project #3
    You will do one of these - the choice of which is yours to make - and present on the last day of classes.
    Additional Requirements
    You are expressly requested to refrain from using site editors like Wix, web.com, or other web designers. You may use any of the facilities of Visual Studio or any other text editor of your choice. This same rule applies to your lab submissions as well. For your Final Project demos you will be required to use only page links for navigation. You may host and demonstrate your labs in the built-in Visual Studio web server.
    All projects must use:
    • Asp.net core MVC - main site
    • Asp.net Web API - web service
    • Web API Client
    • SQL db storage
    • At least one static page that uses new features of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript6.
  3. Chalk Talk:
  4. Traditional Asp.Net Web Services - tutorials and references Web Services Presentation, pptx
    XML Web Services - w3schools.com
    WebService Class - MSDN
  5. Web Services Web API, pptx WebApi Demonstration, Postman
  6. Lab #12

    - Build basic Web Api Service.
  7. Note:

    Everything below this line was built with Asp.Net Framework, not Asp.Net Core. It's here in case you need to build using that older technology.
    Web-Api Services First Web Api Service - Interactive Demo, Steps to Web-Api and Client MvcWebApi Code Folder C# Threads and Tasks
    HttpClient Introduction, .Net HttpClient, HttpClient is Here
    Calling Web Api from .Net Client, Calling Asp.Net WebAPI using HttpClient - CodeProject Mvc-WebApi-FileService
    Uses transfer of byte arrays to download files in chunked form.
    This is the recommended approach to build clients for WebApi services.
    We'll use this next time applied to Windows Presentation Foundation clients. How to upload "text/plain" string in Web API
    WebApi File Upload - CodeProject
    Uploading Files - codeguru
  8. Note:

    Everything below this line is now superceded by the Asp.Net WebApi and is not compatible with Asp.Net Mvc 5. I left these materials here in case you need to maintain some legacy code. You will need Visual Studio 2012 to build.