Lecture #10 - Entity Framework

Models and dbs

Web Resources
Getting Started with EF Core - MSDN, Complex Data Model, Read Navigation Data
Entity Framework Documentation - MSDN, EF Core - Data First - MSDN
Entity Framework Core
EF 6 Tutorial, Entity Framework Tutorial, Entity Core Tutorial - stackify.com
Generate Model from db


Final Exam Schedule This lecture focuses on the Entity Framework for managing a site's data.
  1. Syllabus describes topics to be covered, reading material for you to digest before coming to class, and due dates for the assigned projects.
  2. Projects: Final Project #1, Final Project #2, Final Project #3
    You will do one of these - the choice of which is yours to make - and present on the last day of classes.
    Additional Requirements
    You are expressly requested to refrain from using site editors like Wix, web.com, or other web designers. You may use any of the facilities of Visual Studio or any other text editor of your choice. This same rule applies to your lab submissions as well. For your Final Project demos you will be required to use only page links for navigation. You may host and demonstrate your labs in the built-in Visual Studio web server.
    All projects must use:
    • Asp.net core MVC - main site
    • Asp.net Web API - web service
    • Web API Client
    • SQL db storage
    • At least one static page that uses new features of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript6.
  3. Akash's Presentation

    PowerPoint Presentation Code Examples
  4. EF Core Presentation:

    Entity Core Framework, pptx
  5. Examples:

    Mvc-Skeleton with CRUD using EF
    CoursesApplication one-to-many model
  6. Tutorials:

    Asp.Net Core, Asp.Net Core Tutorials, EF Core with Mvc
    Entity Framework Core CLI entityframeworkcore.com
  7. References:

    Loading related data, Saving related data
    Configuring Entity Relationships
    Setting up Foreign key like references in EF Code First
    EF Fluent API, Configuring EF Fluent API
    Create a complex data model with EF
  8. Lab #10

    - Build an application with one-to-many model and appropriate views.