Project #3 - Stories Web Site

Version 1.1


Project Resources:

Asp.Net Core Introduction to Asp.Net Core - MSDN, Razor Pages Tutorial - MSDN
Asp.Net Core - Dependency Injection - tutorialsteacher.com
Asp.Net Web API Asp.Net MVC - Web API - tutorialspoint.com, Getting Started with Asp.Net Web API
Create a web API with Asp.Net Core MVC Tutorial - MSDN,
Technicalities HttpContext, HttpRequest Class, HttpResponse Class
REST Client, HttpClient Class
file upload and download


For this Project you will build a stories website, designed to host a finite number of stories. A story is a sequence of story blocks that a user can iterate through using arrow controls, or can view a slide show where blocks are iterated by a timer with variable time setting. Each story block is a container for an image or image montage and text. The image sizes should be adjustable in manual sequencing mode. The concept for this site is to support personal stories (your life story), stories of an institution (the EECS department), or a technical story, much like the lecture pages in our course website.


  1. Build a website with two sections: a public static section using HTML5, CSS3, and ES6, and a password protected section using Asp.Net Core MVC.
  2. Provides the ability to select and view both publicly available stories, and, with authentication, private stories.
  3. Has controls to change a story's timeline, supporting manual or automatic iteration, starting at a story block other than the first, and resuming a suspended story.
  4. Ability to comment on stories. This could be useful for a research story. You might think of this as a tool for developing the documentation for your research or design of a large project.
  5. Webservice built using Asp.Net Web API with an ability to upload, replace, and delete any of the story blocks or complete stories.
  6. Clients for WebService