Project #2 - eBook Reader

Version 1.1


Project Resources:

eBook formats - the-digital-reader.com
Libraries and techniques C# library for reading and writing EPub files - github, FolioReaderKit - github, Opening file in default browser
Information that may be less useful Mobi Files, eBook formats - makeuseof.com, StackOverflow comments on programmatic operations
Technicalities HttpContext, HttpRequest Class, HttpResponse Class
REST Client, HttpClient Class
file upload and download


For this Project you will build an eBook reader that supports at least PDF and Mobi documents.


  1. Website with two sections: a public static section using HTML5, CSS3, and ES6, and a password protected section using Asp.Net Core MVC.
  2. Ability to select and view both publicly available documents, and, with authentication, private documents.
  3. Controls to change the viewing scale and to iterate through pages or sections of any of the documents.
  4. Ability to comment on documents for review. Allowing markup may be a bonus requirement. Comments are viewable only by you and the authenticated user that supplied the input. Comments don't have to be part of the document, but must be associated with a document being reviewed.
  5. Webservice built using Asp.Net Web API, used to manage content on the site.
  6. Clients for WebService. The client technology is up to you, but should use the .Net Core HttpClient class.
  7. Ability to upload, replace, and delete any of the stored documents. Sources for the documents may be any file of a supported format from the local file system, dropbox, google drive, or onedrive.