Final Examination

Final Project, JavaScript and Styling, Asp.Net Core, Asp.Net Mvc

Web Resources
MS SQL Server Tutorial - tutorialspoint.com, SQL Server Tutorial - techonthenet.com, SQL Server Functions - w3schools.com
SQL Server Documentation - MSDN, Create SQL Project with Visual Studio
Working with SQL Server LocalDB, Connection String
SQL Server Tools for VS, Visual Studio Server Mgmt Studio, Tutorials for SQL Server Mgmt Studio
MySQL for Visual Studio, SQL - w3schools.com, SQL - tutorialspoint.com


  1. Final Project Demos

    The final project demos will be held in CST 4-206A on Thursday, May 2nd, Friday, May 3rd, Monday, May 6th, Tuesday, May 7th, Wednesday, May 8th, and Thursday, May 9th. Final Project Demo Schedule Note:
    Final Project Demos from 3:00pm through 5:30pm, Monday May 6th have been moved to Thursday May 9th
    from 3:30pm through 6:00pm. If that causes a schedule conflict for any of those affected, please let me know right away.
  2. Lab Grades

    Lab Grades through Lab #6 - This will be updated in a day or two
  3. Final Examination Process

    • Please fill every seat starting with the front row.
    • No bags or coats on seats.
    • You may have one sheet of notes, written on both sides.
    • Put your silenced cell phone and your laptop in your bag.
    • The exam ends at 9:15 am