Lab #6 - Asp.Net Core

This lab explores the use of Asp.Net Core. You will build a server that provides access to a few static pages.

Lab Resources:

.Net Core Guide, Introduction to Asp.Net Core - MSDN, Asp.Net Core Documentation - MSDN
Asp.Net Core Book - gitbooks Asp.Net Core demystified
Razor syntax reference - MSDN, Razor Pages Tutorial - MSDN
Create Razor Pages application, Asp.Net Core Demystified - Razor Pages


In this lab you will build a server to host three of your static pages.
  1. Create a web application with dotnet new web.
  2. Add a service to host static pages, as demonstrated in class.
  3. Create a Home page, Site map, and About page, similar to those you will use in your final project.
  4. Provide an error return if given a url that isn't matched by a file in wwwroot.
  5. Provide links to navigate between pages.
Here's a link to the static page server we discussed in class: Static Page Server.
Please zip your Lab #6 folder and Submit Lab. Note: just zip, no rar, tar, ...