Lab #14 - Final Project Lab

Lab Resources:

Create a web API with Asp.Net Core Tutorial
Upload-Download files in Asp.Net Core - CodeProject
Web Root Path and Content Root Path in Asp.Net Core
Multiple file upload with Asp.Net webapi - note: not Core
Call a Web Api from a .Net Client - MSDN
WPF Client for Asp.Net Web API, wpftutorial.net, WPF Tutorial - tutorialspoint.com


Final Project Demonstration Schedule Here's how we will evaluate your final project:

Final Exam - Monday, April 29th

Your final exam will have three questions:

The Lab:

In this lab you focus on your final project.
  1. Finish integrating your Website, Webservice, and Webservice Client.
  2. Create a two or three page document that provides a brief statement of the mission of your web service, e.g., what are it's responsibilities. Include one or two screen shots showing the operation of your client and web service.

Please zip your Lab #14 folder and Submit Lab. Note: just zip, no rar, tar, ...