Lab #13 - Web Api and Website Client Lab

Lab Resources:

Create a web API with Asp.Net Core Tutorial
Upload-Download files in Asp.Net Core - CodeProject
Web Root Path and Content Root Path in Asp.Net Core
Multiple file upload with Asp.Net webapi - note: not Core
Call a Web Api from a .Net Client - MSDN
WPF Client for Asp.Net Web API, wpftutorial.net, WPF Tutorial - tutorialspoint.com


Final Exam Schedule One of your fellow students, Jing Qi, has agreed to talk for a few minutes about his experience using conversion libraries for the ePub book format. Below are links to his demo code and a brief description, on github, of setting that up for a CSE686 project. Demo Code, installation Here are a couple of additional links that may be useful: ePub.js, Readium.org In this lab you modify the Demo Files Web Api as needed for your final project and integrate with your main site controller.
  1. Make a copy of your Final Project code.
  2. To that, add the Files Web Api demo, from class, with whatever modifications are needed.
  3. Test by uploading and displaying files in your site, using the console client from the Files Web Api demo.

Please zip your Lab #13 folder and Submit Lab. Note: just zip, no rar, tar, ...