Lab #10 - Entity Framework Lab

Lab Resources:

Entity Framework Tutorial, Entity Core Tutorial - stackify.com
Getting Started with EF Core - MSDN, Complex Data Model, Read Navigation Data
Entity Framework Documentation - MSDN, EF Core - Data First - MSDN
Entity Framework Core
EF 6 Tutorial, Generate Model from db Asp.Net Web API - asp.net, .Net API Browser - MSDN
Asp.Net MVC - Web API - tutorialspoint.com, Getting Started with Asp.Net Web API
Create a web API with Asp.Net Core MVC Tutorial - MSDN, Build a CRUD App with Web API and Angular


Final Exam Schedule

Lab is due Sunday, 3/31/2019 before midnight

In this lab you link your models to the Entity Framework.
  1. Create an Asp.Net Core Mvc application that uses single user accounts authentication.
  2. Define two tables that are linked by a one-to-many relationship. These should be part of your data model for your Final Project. Add these to the models folder and add DbSets for each table in the context class.
  3. Create views that allow your to create entries for each table, view them, and edit them.
You will find my CoursesApp Demo to be a useful model for this lab. The zip does not include the database, so you will need to build it by adding a migration and then updating the database, using the nuget package manager console. You get to that from the Visual Studio Tools menu.
Please zip your Lab #10 folder and Submit Lab. Note: just zip, no rar, tar, ...