Test Page

test custom markup

This page illustrates the use of custom HTML elements: block, photo, code, callout, and pp. For example, this element is a block. You can see how to create your own custom HTML elements by looking at the files CustomMarkup.css and CustomMarkup.js in the folders css and js, respectively. The element pp (pseudo paragraph) is used to simulate paragraphs inside elements where <p> elements are not allowed - in list items, <li>, for example. Note that <pp></pp> should not be written as a self-closing tag. Doing so puts the space at the end of the container, not where the <pp /> is placed. That's the same way the <p> element works. All of these elements, with the exception of pp, have the CSS display:table-cell property so that they are sized to fit their contents. Unfortunately, margin properties don't apply to any element with the table-cell property. So if you want to use margins you will need to wrap them with a <div> element and give that element the margin properties you want. Look at the source for this page to see the details of how to use each one of these custom elements.

Test Photo

Test Code

public class X { public X(string s) { s_ = s; } /* other members */ private string s_; } public class Y { public Y(string s) { x_ = new X(s); } /* other members */ private X x_; } Sample Code

Test callout

This is a callout.

Test Block

This is a block with a few lines of text.
Second line.
Third line.

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