Masters Thesis
The Software Matrix

An Architecture for Software Salvage

Revised: 5/24/2011
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Advisor Fawcett and Candidate Ghosh


Riddhiman successfully defended this work on December 15, 2004, before his committee: Drs. Kamal Jabbour (chair), Roger Chen, Daniel Pease, and Jim Fawcett (advisor), all from the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Thesis Documents and Code

Defense Presentation
Thesis Document
Software Matrix Code


  1. The Software Matrix is a framework that actively supports and promotes software salvage. Salvage is a reuse mechanism that focuses on software blocks that are typically significantly bigger that a single class.
  2. Traditional salvage operations require a lot of surgery to the salvaged code due to breakage of dependencies on the code from which the salvaged block is extracted. Our approach attempts to circumvent most of this breakage.
  3. By employing message-passing and mediator structures and by supporting the discovery of needed types, we've built a pluggable architecture that can gracefully adapt to salvage operations.
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Software Matrix