Masters Thesis
Cross Platform Development using the Software Matrix

An Architecture for flexible development

Revised: 5/24/2011
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Candidate Vijay Appadurai and Advisor Jim Fawcett


Vijay successfully defended this work on March 23, 2007, before his committee: Drs. Lisa Osadciw (chair), Ehat Ercanli, Daniel Pease, and Jim Fawcett (advisor), all from the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Thesis Documents and Code

Defense Presentation
Thesis Document


  1. The Software Matrix is a framework that actively supports flexible configuration of software system components based on fine-grained message-passing communication.
  2. Cross platform development uses the Software Matrix architecture to build, on-demand, components with the Software Matrix cell structure. It binds them together using novel methods devised in this research.
  3. By employing message-passing with a discovery mediator structure, we've built a pluggable architecture that gracefully supports cross-platform development. This was demonstrated with a proof-of-concept system using a repository of cell source code, a builder mechanism that targests both Windows and Linux platforms, and a prototype target system implementation.
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Software Matrix