Software Studio Final Project

Project Center Collaboration System
Fall 2004

Revised: 11/17/2011
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CSE784 - Project Team at Qualification Test
Project Manager - Priyaa Nachimuthu (5th from right)
Architect - Anirudha Krishna (3rd from left)
Test Manager - Avinash Kadaji (9th from right)
Teams and Team Leaders listed below

Project Center System

The goal of the Web-Service Based Project Center is to support management and execution of large projects. The system is described as Web-Service Based because the system is distributed with an underlying transport mechanism that uses message-passing through web services. Consequently, the system can be composed of parts that reside on multiple machines in any set of locations accessible from the web .

The Project Center is composed of a set of defined parts embedded in an extensible architecture that supports the addition of new tools without rebuilding any other part of the system. Some of these parts were built for this development effort, and some of the parts are available open-source tools, integrated into the Center.

The main functions provided by the Project Center are:

  1. Integration of all tools into a unified, extensible, whole via integrating web and WinForm interfaces. The Web interface consists of an ASP.Net application running on a Project Server that links to other ASP pages, accessed through browsers on client machines. The Winform interface consists of WinForm clients that communicate with a Project Server via web-services that support message-passing.
  2. Source control, building, and testing supported by the following open source tools: CVS source control system, NAnt build system, and NUnit test harness.
  3. Tools developed specifically for this application :
  4. Architectural Review
    Presented by Project Center Architect, Anirudha Krishna.
  5. Client Screen Shots, Server Screen Shots
    Screenshots of some of the User Interfaces.

Instructor's Comments

This project was specified, designed, implemented, integrated, and qualified over a period of 9 weeks. The system passed all its qualification tests in a thorough and grueling 10 hours of demonstrations and tests. This success was due not only to diligent and effective management, but also to the dedicated efforts of all the individual teams, listed below.

Everyone worked very hard on this project and discovered the importance and difficulty of communicating the many technical and schedule details necessary for developing a large system like Project Center. I have been very pleased to participate with this fine group on the Project Center development.

  1. Project Manager - Priyaa Nachimuthu
  2. Software Architect - Anirudha Krishna
  3. Test Team
    Avinash Kadaji - Team Leader
    Abhishek Banerjee
    Anirudha Krishna
    Ashish Poddar
    Shyam Sundaramurthy
    Ramanath Rajagopalan
    Navaneeth Rajkumar
  4. Asp.Net User Interface
    Ashish Poddar - Team Leader
    Po-Hao Hsieh
  5. WinForm User Interface
    Shyam Sundaramurthy - Team Leader
    Jaideep Venkatesh
  6. Open Source Tools Team
    Gang Cheng - Team Leader
    Dipesh Khakhkhar
    Pritesh Velankar
  7. Scheduling and Tracking Team
    Jaimeen Kamdar - Team Leader
    Guatum Jayaprakash
    Jimmy Gill
    Sarabjeet Singh
    Nathan Stokes
  8. Communication and File Transfer Team
    Hari Kizhakekalem - Team Leader
    Akash Pahuja
  9. Data Management and Security Team
    Ghanashyam Namboodiripad - Team Leader
    Charlie Chung

Formal Review Presentations

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Avinash Kadaji presenting Test Readiness Review, Ashish Poddar presenting Asp.Net B Specification

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Shyam Sundaramurthy and Gang Cheng presenting WinForm UI and Open Source Tools B Specifications

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Jaimeen Kamdar and Hari Kizhakekalem presenting Custom Tools and Communication B Specifications

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Ghanashyam Namboodiripad presenting Data and Security B Specification, Priyaa Nachimuthu, Avainash Kadashi, and Customer

Qualification Test

Project Center Team after finishing Qualification - Everyone looks tired