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Computer Engineering

Mehmet Kaya's Dissertation Defense

On Friday, May 30, 2014 Mehmet Kaya successfully defended his Dissertation "Identifying Extract Class and Extract Method Refactoring Opportunities Through Analysis of Variable Declarations and Uses". Mehmet presented interesting ideas he developed for refactoring C++ software source code using static analysis tools developed by our research group which he significantly extended. To support that process he created new visualization tools that support the process in a relatively simple and useful manner.

One of his major results is a quantitative process for accessing cohesiveness of classes and code fragments within a method, with constructive methods for refactoring into more cohesive components.

Mehmet defended his research effectively and received complements from several of his committee members.

"Mehmet and his committee: Ercanli, Fawcett (advisor), Kaya (candidate), Qiu, Aboutaha (chair), Yin, Oh"


The material in slide 53 comes from an analysis of part of our parsing tools - a tokenizer.

The visualization on the right comes from an analysis of an ope source project, NotePad++.