Interviews and Interviewing

Here we discuss the processes of preparing for, and getting, interview invitations, and conducting yourself during interviews.
  1. Preparing for Interviews:

  2. Conducting yourself during an interview:

  3. Getting Interviews:

  4. Responding to a student's email, I gathered a set of links about interviews (taking and giving) that I like, and thought they might be useful for you. Note that I don't agree with everything said, but do agree with at least most of the posts:

  5. Here are a few links to help your job search:

    1. CNY jobs
      If you search on C++ or C# you'll find lots of hits. Some of those are for companies, like Lockheed-Martin and Sensis that do classified work and need citizenship. But there are still alot of other opportunities. I got 90 hits for C++, 23 hits for C#, 105 for .Net, and 63 for Java. There were even 24 hits for Cobol.
    2. America's Job Exchange
      Again, I got lots of hits on the same searches as above. This site allows you to enter any city you want.
  6. More support for job searches:

    Here are links to the resumes' of Dhaval Trivedi, Ghanashyam Namboodiripad and Tilak Patel that are very good examples of how to prepare one. Note the emphasis on accomplishments. Many of you will not have all the great experience they describe, never-the-less, the style and intent are worthy of emulation.

    Links with advice about resumes, searches, coverletters etc: 

    Great resume advice Your cover letter says I don't want this job, interview skills 10 Steps to interview success Communication Skills No Generic Cover Letters Hidden Job Market How not to write a resume6 interview mistakesStart your Cover Letter with a BangTop 10 Interview QuestionsGet Hired by Following upSix Interview MistakesThree Cover Letter MistakesAnswering Key Interview QuestionsCover letter mistakes, including not writing one,   Resumes with characterNegotiating SalaryKiller HeadlinesTen Qualities Interviewers Look ForEmployer's ConcernsMicrosoft on MS InterviewsSeven secrets for writing cover lettersThree things recruiters look for in a resume'Preparation for an interviewHow not to write a resume'Communication SkillsLikeability Factorcover lettersSummary/ObjectiveresumesObvious ways to get hiredWhy should we hire you?Effective cover letterwww.sellsbrothers.com - interview sidebar

  7. Talk to Dave DiMaggio:
  8. Dave handles work/study relationships with local companies.

  9. Talk to me:
  10. I'll be pleased to critique your resume and cover letters, talk to you before your interviews, and help in any other way I can.

  11. Don't expect others to hand you opportunities:
  12. Landing a job you are really pleased with will take effort on your part. You are responsible for your career now and later.

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