Study Guide - OOD Course References

Summary of important Resources for Course

Resources used throughout CSE687 - Object Oriented Design:
Presentations Code Examples
Software Structure, Design, & Documentation C++ Language Standard Libraries:
Basic C++ Language Demos C++ Standard Library Demos Custom Containers Interesting design ideas Issues with C++ Language
  • Failure to initialize properly
  • Illustrates a surprising problem that occurs if you don't use constructor initialization sequences. See, specifically, deminher2 (error) and deminher2b (error fixed).
  • Hiding
  • Hiding is a subtle flaw, caused by inappropriate function overloading.
Form Demonstrations System Programming Application Prototypes Special Purpose Reusable Packages
  • Concurrent Access to Files
  • Provide safe access to files for reading and writing when there are concurrent clients.
  • Smart Pointer
  • Smart pointer manages access to heap objects with reference counting.

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