Demonstrate Flow Model

The Flow model recognizes two kinds of elements: inline and block elements.
  1. Inline elements march sequentially left to right across the page, wrapping when they run out of room.
    Examples of inline elements are:
        a, b, em, font, i, span, textarea, u.
    You can see a couple of styled spans below, and observe that they are rendered left-to-right.
  2. Block elements are rendered sequentially down the page, each one above its successor.
    The most common block elements are:
        blockquote, center, div, form, h1..h6, hr, li, ol, p, pre, table, ul.
    Each item in this list is a block element, as are the divs that are styled to appear as white boxes here and on the page below.
This is some totally uninteresting text that is boring to read and boring to write. It's purpose is simply to take up space inside a div.
A little content for the outer div.
And a little more for an inner div.
And more still for another inner div.
CSS display property