Lab #9 - Mvc Models

Lab Resources:

Entity Framework Documentation - MSDN, EF Core - Data First - MSDN
Entity Framework Core, EF 6 Tutorial, Entity Framework Tutorial, Generate Model from db,


In this lab you will work on models for your Final Project.
  1. Create mock data models for your final project, following the technique used in Mvc-Skeleton with CRUD. Each model class supports a getInstance() method that maintains an instance of the model from request to request. Note that it does not attempt to persist data on application shutdown. Instead, it seeds the model with a small amount of test data.
  2. Construct an Mvc application that uses your model data to populate views.
  3. Construct at least two views to demonstrate that your mock data processing works.
  4. Note that the Mvc demo, listed above, only used a single table of data, while your project is likely to need more than that.
You may start with the Mvc-Skeleton with CRUD demo in CSE686\code\Asp.Net.Core\Lect7-Mvc\Mvc-Skeleton with CRUD if you wish.
Please zip your Lab #9 folder and Submit Lab. Note: just zip, no rar, tar, ...