Lab #8 - SQL Server

Lab Resources:

MS SQL Server Tutorial - tutorialspoint.com, SQL Server Tutorial - techonthenet.com, SQL Server Functions - w3schools.com
SQL Server Documentation - MSDN, Create SQL Project with Visual Studio
SQL Server Tools for VS, Visual Studio Server Mgmt Studio, Tutorials for SQL Server Mgmt Studio
MySQL for Visual Studio, SQL - w3schools.com, SQL - tutorialspoint.com


This lab focuses on applications using SQL Server and especially their data models. In this lab you will build a data model with (at least) two tables that are relevant to your final project. Please don't ask what tables to build. One of the goals of this lab is to make you start thinking about your project design. Because you took the Midterm Examination during the normal time for this lab, you will have until midnight Sunday, 3/10/2019, to submit your work.
  1. Draw a database diagram, like those shown in the Relational Model pdf, for your final project, indicating all of the relationships between tables. Please take a screenshot, or picture1 of the diagram.
  2. Create a list of Views that support viewing and editing data in your tables, as needed for your final project.
  3. Define all the data models necessary for viewing and editing the project's data. For example, if you have a one to many relationship between two tables, you will need a model for each table AND a model and view that supports selecting data from a table to add items needed for the relationship2 with the other table.
  4. Draw a sketch of each view from your list of Views, emphasizing editing and displaying item details.
  5. Submit your table diagram, and sketches of each view. These may be diagrams you built with a tool or could simply be screenshots of photos you made of pencil and paper sketches. Please combine all your diagrams and sketches and insert into a single word or pdf document.

  1. You may draw the diagram with a tool like gliffy, or simply draw on paper.
  2. For example, in Project #2, you may wish to have a set of ebooks and a set of available topics. You will want to define, for each ebook, a list of its topics. To do that you will need:
    • a topic view and a way to add or remove topics
    • an ebook view and a way to add or remove ebooks
    • An edit view for editing an ebook's details, e.g., title, author, date, and topic list. for that view, you need a model that sends the book's details AND a list of available topics, from which you select, in the view, topics relevant for that book.

Please zip your Lab #8 folder and Submit Lab. Note: just zip, no rar, tar, ...