Lab #12 - Webservices Lab

Lab Resources:

Create a web API with Asp.Net Core MVC Tutorial - MSDN, Install Postman
Core Web API Tutorial - MSDN
Build Web APIs with Asp.Net Core - MSDN
InMemory database HTTP 405 Response Secure Asp.Net Core Web Api using Cookies Upload and Download file using Asp.Net Core
Upload and Download file using Asp.Net Core
File Uploads in Asp.Net Core - MSDN
Asp.Net Core Web API Performance - Upload and Download
How to upload file with Asp.Net Core Web API - stackoverflow


Final Exam Schedule Build Web API site that displays files in a site storage area. Define an API that:
  1. Returns a list of files in a storage area (you may assume all files are in one directory). Implement this method and view in Postman.
  2. Define methods for uploading, downloading, deleting, and modifying JSON meta data about files, based on GET, POST, and DELETE.
  3. Implement the action for downloading metadata, and view in Postman.
Note: You will implement the actual file upload operations in Lab 13.
Please zip your Lab #12 folder and Submit Lab. Note: just zip, no rar, tar, ...