Study Guide - Review of Course Resourcess

Projects Midterm Both
This Study Guide pulls together, in one place, most of the things we discuss in CSE681 - Software Modeling & Analysis, e.g., references to presentations, notes, and code. You may find it easier to locate key resources here, rather than looking through a series of lecture pages.

Things on which to focus:  Midterm  Projects  Both

Resources used Throughout this Course
Presentations Code Examples
Past Midterm Exams
System Architecture and Program Design
Software Modeling and Documentation
Threads and Queues:
Network Communication:
Windows GUI Programming:
  • Basic Windows, pdf
    How do Windows-based Graphical User Iterfaces (GUIs) work?
  • Windows Presentation Foundation, pdf
    Survey of new .Net GUI framework.
    Vector Graphics, sophisticated event and dependency models.
    Support for 2D and 3D drawing, & building Forms with controls.
C# Programming & .Net Framework
Managed Code:
C# Language Demos
  • C# Syntax Examples
    Demonstrate arrays, properties, indexers, simple reflection on types, and disposing.
  • C# Equivalence Demo
    Distinguish between the four methods of determining object equivalence.
  • Method Parameters Demo
    Illustrate pass value and reference types by value and Reference.
  • Using Delegates
    Demonstrate extensions, LINQ, delegate shortcuts, lamdas.
  • LINQ Examples
    Examples of LINQ Queries, LinqToXml, Linq Binding XML file to WPF display.
  • Delegate Demos, Delegate Structure, vsd
    Illustrate the Publish/Subscribe pattern supported by .Net delegates and its syntax.
  • File Handling Demos
    Demonstrates opening and reading files. Simple multi-package demo.
  • Type Conversion Demos
    Illustrates use of casts, primitive Parse functions, and Convert class.
  • Collections Demos
    Examples of Arrays, SortedList, HashTable, and GenericList.
  • .Net Containers
    Small demos for ArrayList, GenericList, GenericHashSet, HashTable, LinkedList, Queue, SortedList, Stack, Utility.
  • Command Line Handling
    Discovers files in current directory matching a pattern from command line, opens each C# file, and reads a few lines.
  • Navigate Directory tree
    Executes a depth first walk of the directory tree rooted at a path specified on the command line.
  • Reusable Navigation with Delegates
    Makes the navigator, above, reusable with the help of delegates that provide file and directory notifications.
  • Reflection Demo
    Loads an assembly and uses reflection to inquire about its types.
  • Serialization Demo
    Small demonstration of serialization using memory stream and SOAP formatter.
XML Processing
Form Demonstrations
Windows Presentation Foundation Demonstrations
Windows Communication Foundation
Threads and Synchronization
System Software
System Prototypes
Special Purpose Packages
  • Concurrent Access to Files
    Supports access to files in an environment with concurrent readers and writers.
  • Base64 Encoding
    Converts binary data to and from character form. Othen used in XML messaging channels to send binary data.