Composite Materials Lab at SU
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Research funding

Professor Davidson has obtained a total of over $25M in sponsored research funding. For the past 7 years, he has been the lead or co-lead investigator on grants averaging over $3M per year. A list of Professor Davidson's research grants is provided below.

Amount Position Sponsor Duration Project Title and Award Number
$1,800,000 Principal Investigator NASA Glenn Research Center 10/1/07 - 9/30/12 Damage Tolerance of PMCs for CEV and CLV, Grant No. NCC 3989
$180,000 Principal Investigator Office of Naval Research 1/1/07 - 12/31/08 Effects of Subzero Temperatures and Seawater Immersion on Damage Initiation and Growth in Sandwich Composites, Contract CON01436
$100,000 Principal Investigator JGB Enterprises & Syracuse Metro. Dev. Agency 3/1/06 - 8/31/08 Materials and Construction Techniques for 'The Perfect Garden Hose', Grant Numbers 1278 and 1280
$4,784,700 Principal Investigator NASA Langley Research Center 1/1/01 - 12/31/07 An Advanced Interactive Discovery Environment for Engineering Education, Coop. Agreement No. NCC-1-01004 (1/01 - 12/05) & Grant NNL05AA08G (1/05 - 12/07)
$15,616,120 Associate Director NASA Glenn Research Center 8/1/02 - 9/30/07 The Institute for Future Space Transport, Cooperative Agreement No. NCC3-994
$500,000 Principal Investigator Empire State Development Corporation 1/1/02 - 12/31/03 An Advanced Interactive Discovery Environment for Engineering Education, Project Number Q181
$300,000 Co-Principal Investigator AT&T Foundation 5/01/01 - 4/30/03 Distance Design Collaboration Through An Advanced Interactive Discovery Environment, Grant No. 000203938
$104,000 Co-Principal Investigator U.S. Army Intelligence Center 10/1/01 - 4/30/03 Army Extension of the AIDE Project, Award No. DABT60-01-P-3126
$382,503 Principal Investigator Federal Aviation Administration 6/1/94 - 9/30/01 Delamination Growth Prediction Methodology for Laminated Composites, Grant 94-G-022
$445,288 Co-Principal Investigator Department of Health and Human Services 7/1/96 - 6/30/01 Interface Failure in Total Joint Replacements, Grant Number AR42017-01A2
$115,000 Principal Investigator United Technologies Research Center 2/15/98 - 8/31/00 Composite Fracture Mechanics Applied to Dynamic Structures, Grant No. 2900414
$700,000 Co-Principal Investigator NASA Headquarters 8/1/93 - 7/31/98 Syracuse University Center for Training and Research in Hypersonics, Grant NAGW-3713
$95,000 Principal Investigator National Science Foundation 9/1/92 - 8/29/96 Investigation of Fracture of Bimaterial Interfaces, Grant MSS-9210844
$30,000 Principal Investigator National Science Foundation 5/1/93 - 8/29/96 Research Experience for Undergraduates, Grant MSS-9210844, Amendments 1 - 3
$26,000 Principal Investigator Jet Propulsion Laboratory 3/23/91 - 1/31/94 Characterization of the Residual Strength and Life of Damaged Composite Struts Under Compression Dominated Fatigue Loading, Contract NAS7-918, Subcontract 959292

Barry D. Davidson,