Composite Materials Lab at SU
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Available Composite Materials Lab Facilities

The Composite Materials Laboratory in Syracuse University's Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering has equipment for the fabrication, mechanical testing and inspection of a variety of materials, including:

10 and 200 KIP MTS servohydraulic mechanical testing machines with digital controllers.

200 KIP Mechanical Testing Machine
20 KIP Mechanical Testing Machine

20 KIP INSTRON servohydraulic mechanical testing machines with a digital controller.

Advanced ultrasonic inspection system with high speed computer data acquisition and custom imaging software.

Ultrasonic Inspection System

300 psi, 800°F, computer controlled autoclave.

In addition the lab also has:

  • 20, 200, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000 and 165,000 lb. load cells.
  • Computer controlled testing and data acquisition software.
  • A large variety of standard and custom tension, compression and fracture mechanics grips and test fixtures.
  • Extensive variety of extensometers, LVDT's and crack opening gages.
  • Metallographic laboratory.
  • Composite storage and layup facilities.
  • Advanced video imaging system.
  • High temperature chambers.

Barry D. Davidson,