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Consulting and Short Courses.

Engineering Consulting

Professor Davidson provides a wide variety of engineering consulting services in the areas of fatigue and fracture of metal and composite structures, with applications in the aerospace, marine, automotive and biomedical fields. Some of Professor Davidson's recent projects are listed below.

  • Angioplasty: Modeling and Interaction of PTCA Balloons with Diseased Coronary Arteries
  • Cardiac Defibrillators: Assessment of Wire Damage and Remediation Processes
  • Cardiovascular Stents: Stress Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction
  • Damage and Delamination Growth in Composite Structures: Assessment and Prediction Methodologies for Tape, Fabric and Braided Materials for Primary and Secondary Aircraft, Marine and Automotive Structures
  • Design and Analysis of a Composite Seat Back and Seat Frame for Automotive Applications
  • Design and Analysis of Pressurized Composite Pipe
  • Design and Analysis of Various Metal and Composite Automotive and Aircraft Components
  • Durability Analyses, Damage Tolerance Analyses and Design Validation Testing Techniques for Composite Automotive, Aircraft and Marine Structures
  • Failure Analysis of Pressure Vessels
  • Hydraulic and Water Pump Casings: Assessment of Loading Conditions and Failure Criteria Due to Shipping Damage and/or Extreme Usages.

For more information, Professor Davidson can be contacted at

Industry Short Courses

Professor Davidson teaches short courses on fracture mechanics of metals and composites, fracture control, and design, durability and damage tolerance of metallic and composite structures. Standard course offerings are listed below. Specialized courses are also available, with content and example problems tailored to the needs and interests of the customer.

Design and Analysis of Composite Structures (Two-Day Standard Course)
Appropriate for Audiences with Limited Knowledge of Composites

  • Introduction
  • Mechanics of Laminated Composites
  • Computer Programs
  • Analysis of Symmetric Composite Beams
  • Failure Predictions for Common Structural Geometries
  • Fatigue of Composite Structures
  • Joint Design and Analysis
  • Design Methodology for Robust Composite Structures
  • Case Studies
  • Review and Summary
  • Sources of Additional Information

Damage Tolerance of Composite Structures(Two- or Three-Day Standard Course)
Appropriate for Audiences with Basic Design and Analysis Knowledge

  • Damage Tolerance of Composite Structures
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Review of Classical Laminated Plate Theory
  • Design of Composite Structures: An Overview
  • History & Fundamentals of Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA)
  • Designing for Damage Tolerance; DTA of Metallic vs Composite Structures
  • Fundamentals of Elastic Fracture Mechanics
  • Determination of Energy Release Rate in Composite Structures
  • Determination of Toughness of Composite Materials
  • Delamination Failure Criteria
  • Debonding & Delamination Growth Prediction I: Monotonic Loadings
  • Debonding & Delamination Growth Prediction II: Cyclic Loadings
  • Fatigue Delamination Growth
  • Fatigue and Failure of Bonded Assemblies
  • Low-Velocity Impact
  • Example Problems
  • Summary

Design and Analysis of Composite, With an Introduction to Damage Tolerances (Two- or Three-Day Standard Course)
Appropriate for Audiences Comprised of Individuals with Varying Levels of Expertise

  • Introduction
  • Mechanics of Laminated Composites
  • Design and Analysis Approach
  • Guidelines for Robust Composite Structures
  • Analysis of Symmetric Composite Beams
  • Fatigue of Composite Structures
  • Bonded and Bolted Joint Design
  • Introduction to Damage Tolerance
    • Energy release rate determination by closed-form and finite element methods
    • Toughness determination for static and fatigue loadings
    • Predication of delamination growth under static and fatigue loadings
  • Review and Summary
  • Sources of Additional Information

For more information, Professor Davidson can be contaced at

Barry D. Davidson,